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My Thoughts on True Blood Season 6 Episode 7

  Terry’s death was an extremely depressing moment in episode 6. That depression carried over to episode 7. It had such an affect on this episode that I’m not sure why they didn’t call it “Depression and Sex.” I’ll get to the sex part later. So here are my thoughts on episode 7, “Depression and,” no sorry I mean, “In the Evening.”
  I think the most depressing moment of the night was during the previews for the next episode when they mentioned there were 3 episodes left. I totally forgot that after last season they said there would only be 10 episodes this season. Talk about sucking! Not only does that suck, but also that throws off my whole thing about episode 6 being a huge episode. Ugh, I hate when True Blood messes with me.
  All right, enough about my depression, and onto the real depressing moments. Not that I care about her, but the scene where Sarah finds the Gov’s head started the string of sad moments. Besides for the fact that she was talking to a head, it seemed like an awkward scene. I should have known after this scene that it was going to be one of those episodes. At least Sarah took it well, as she decided she was going to take control of things. That can only mean she will die!!!
  Sookie naked for two episodes in a row! Oh yea, stick to depressing moments for now. So Sookie heard Arlene crying in the graveyard, and went to console her. I was a little confused by that. Did they bury Terry already? It didn’t seem like it, but why would Arlene be lying in the grass crying?
  Anyway, Sookie was able to get her up, and back to the house. Poor Lafayette got a tongue-lashing. At least her friends, and family were with her. And maybe even an unwelcome visitor like Bill. There should have been a snap shot of everyone’s face when he walked in that door…priceless! How about Bill showing a little class, and saying he was sorry for her loss. Boy did she snap out of her drunken state.
   Vampire Bill let me reintroduce you to Sheriff Andy. Sheriff Andy, this is Vampire Bill! How I love when Andy calls him Vampire Bill. It must have taken everything in Andy not to at least punch Bill. I think Bill would have taken one for the team there, but that would have been it. It was a good thing Andy kept looking at Holly, which kept him cool. Like Bill was trying to say, at the end of the day they are just two fathers looking out for their children.
  Now to the real reason he was there…Sookie. No shock there right? He knows the only way to get Warlow back is for Sookie to bring him back, at least sooner than later. I guess he could hang out in fantasy graveyard land for a while longer, but not forever. Bill knows Sookie will do the right thing. It’s just a matter of what it will cost Sookie.
  Sam wasn’t immune to the miserable news of Terry’s death. Just like Sookie will do the right thing, Sam will do the right thing, and return to help everyone cope with their friend’s death. But first he has something really important to take of. Nope, not buying flowers. Not buying a card. Not getting his suit ready for a funeral. You got it…having sex with Nicole. Ok to be fair it was her idea.
  After what we saw from the wolves, it might be the last time she has sex. No surprise that Mr. One, wait, Mr. Two Scenes screwed up again. He should have listened to his father. He certainly isn’t packmaster material. Like I said before, Rikki is insane. She’s one angry wolf! Is she trying to break barriers, and be the first female packmaster or something? I wonder what happens to Alcide now. And I don’t see how Sam is going to save Nicole this time.
  Speaking of saving people, Jason was so close to saving Jessica. That really was a weird scene. Instead of trying to get her out of there, they just talked until Jess convinced him to just do what she wanted. She’s another one that has gone a little wacky, and is in some kind of deep depression herself (yes trying to keep with the theme.) And lets continue the other theme, as Jess then decides she also wants to have sex, but not with Jason. We had shifter-human sex, and now vampire-vampire sex. Covering all the bases. Oh, and we can’t forget the human-fairy-vampire sex Sookie and Ben had.
  Do you think we got vampire-human sex? Yes, I mean Pam, and the doctor. I’m kind of glad they decided not to show us that. Still, Pam had him right where she wanted. She knows our sick minds. I guess she wants to get back to the general population to be with Tara. Tara might need her help to save poor Jason. Tara probably can’t take the vamp that apparently is in charge, but I’m sure Pam can. That is going be fun.
  What’s not fun is getting back to the depressing stuff. This episode was so depressing that I couldn’t find a favorite line of the night. Seriously, one of the few times that has happened. I know Lafayette tried a couple of times, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Like I said, I enjoy when Andy refers to Bill as Vampire Bill, but that can’t always be the line of the night. Hopefully I can find one next week.
  Of course the episode had to end on a depressing note. Poor Eric tried to save his sister. I mean, when he resorts to asking Bill for help, he’s pretty desperate. I didn’t think it would be so simple as Bill’s blood curing her. It would be interesting to find out if Warlow’s blood could. I found the flashback a little out of place since it was so quick. It seemed like there was more story there that needed to be shown. And now Nora falls in line with some of the other vamps that have become nothing more than a pile of blood. The only question is how mad will Eric be at Bill for not coming through?
  So you were depressed last night, and I just depressed you all over again. Sorry about that. There was some sex if that makes you feel better. Overall, probably the worse episode since the premiere. Hopefully with three episodes left, they get can finish strong. I was thinking about how the lack of episodes remaining means there is only so much time left for certain things to take place, and will leave some stuff unsettled for next season. One example of that is what ultimately happens between Bill and Warlow. Billith probably lives on until next season, but you will only have to wait until next week to hear from me again.



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