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Monday, July 22, 2013

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 6 Episode 6

  As you may know, I always look for episode 6 as being a big episode in a 12-episode season. Big things need to happen. Events should change the direction of the rest of the season. There should be surprises, and maybe even some depressing moments. While I’m not sure this was the biggest 6th episode it certainly had a lot of these things. So lets take a look at episode 6, “Don’t You Feel Me?”
  Unfortunately I have to start of with the most depressing moment of the episode… Terry’s death. I’ve been saying I’m not sure where Arlene and his storyline is headed, and maybe the writers weren’t either. That sometimes gets a character killed off. Credit Holly for coming up for what seemed like a good idea. Too bad they didn’t count on Terry having someone else kill him. If only Arlene would have talked to him first. I was kind of surprised how no one really tried to save him. They just let him pass away. A moment of silence for a good man….
  Onto Sam’s storyline, which is another one with little direction. You are telling me that he went through all of that to get Emma back, and then just gives her up. What a waste of airtime. Then Mr. One Scene comes in, and tells Sam he can’t return home. So what is Sam suppose to do now? Of course he will go back home, but then what? And what will Alcide, and his pack do now? Something interesting seriously needs to happen with these characters soon!
  Continuing with the theme of weak storylines brings me to Andy, and his daughter. If he continues like this I might have to make him the new Mr. One Scene. Unlike Alcide, I’m usually happy to see Andy because at least he provides some humor. I didn’t quite catch it, but did he say “Fandango” when Holly came up behind him? I also loved how he went about naming his daughter. I mean, her initials are now A.B.C.D.! Only Andy would do that!
  All right, I think I got all of the unimportant business out of the way. Onto the serious stuff starting with Sookie, and Warlow. Interesting how Bill still felt her in danger. I guess they will always be connected no matter how much they say they hate the other. Also interesting how Bill let Warlow go save her. I told you a blast would knock that ghost right out of Lafayette.
  Then the weirdness took over when Sookie teleported Warlow away. Skipping past their unusual conversation, lets get to when she calls herself a whore, and then tries to prove that by striping, and getting on top of Warlow. No I don’t want to talk about it because she got naked. Man, you guys think so little of me. I do have to say I didn’t think we would ever see her naked on the show again, but so much for that. I do want to talk about Warlow biting her, and more importantly her apparently biting him. Since when does she do that? Did I fall asleep for a minute? So is Sookie going to go from half human half fairy to half fairy half vampire? If Sookie ends up with Warlow, neither Warlow nor Bill will die because she won’t let them kill each other so where are they going with this storyline. A set up for the rest of the season.
  Before I get to the two badass moments of the episode, let me take care of my favorite line of the night. Andy was close with the whole naming thing, but the winner this time is Jason. I enjoyed his fake excitement at the recruitment center when he made it clear he was ready to join the “fuck fanger police force.” Sometimes he isn’t as dumb as he seems. I did feel bad when that bitch, yes I said bitch, Sara made him watch Jessica almost have to have sex in front of everyone.
  Now to badass scene of the night number 1: Eric and Pam pinning the guard up against the glass and stabbing him. How awesome was that? The scene was already awesome the second Eric and Pam decided to hover in the room with spears in hand. The guard getting killed was topping on the cake. Oh, and when Eric saw the Rev. Man do I wish the Rev and Sara were in that room with Eric and Pam.
  I don’t often fell badly for Eric, but that was pretty evil what the Governor did to him. Not that I care a whole lot about Nora. At least they escaped as I expected Eric would. The episode is supposed to be full of surprises, but I don’t think anyone was surprised that the Tru Blood was poisoned. I’m curious to see what Eric does now that he knows this.
  Now to badass scene of the night number 2: Bill taking the head right off the Governor. This was probably the biggest surprise of the night. No way did I think the Gov. would die so soon. Like the first badass scene, this scene was awesome the second Bill stopped the guys from firing on him, and had them fire on each other. Putting the head next to the statue was a nice touch.
  The only thing I didn’t understand was why it appeared Bill just left after that. Why not go save the Jessica, and the others? Can he really not find the white room? I guess he knew he could only stay in the sun so long. Also, with Bill being able to see the future, how come he doesn’t know that the Gov. wasn’t the only one behind the actions against the vampires? I guess he will soon see that this was really Sara’s doing, as she takes the role of lead villain. I can’t wait to see her head ripped off.
  So I think this episode had a lot of things on my checklist. It was a very good episode, but it didn’t blow me away. Some good and bad surprises. Some good and bad deaths. Some sad, and badass moments. Most of all, it left us with a lot to look forward to in the weeks to come. See you next week, as we move towards the second half of the season.


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