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My Thoughts On True Blood Season 6 Episode 4

  Last week I ended by talking about the Bill and Eric’s plans to stop the Governor. Both were in motion this week, and both hit speed bumps. It’s good to see things don’t always go as planned even for the almighty vampires. So lets take a look at these plans, and more with my thoughts on episode 4, “At Last.”
  Speaking of last week, I called it. True Blood already fooled me a couple of times this season, but not this time! And I quote from last week, “It did cross my mind that Ben could be Warlow in disguise.” That’s why you write stuff down! I like how they tried to be smooth with it, as he just dropped those fangs down. Poor Jason, back on the vampire blood. He can’t get a break.
  So I’m a little confused at how Warlow can be a fairy, and a vampire. That quick conversation with grandpa before throwing him in the portal threw me off. I thought he supposedly came from Lilith. How could he be tied to Lilith, and come from fairies as well? Nora might be right, he just might be the person to stop Bill. Warlow can obviously walk in the sun light, which we saw wasn’t working for Bill.
  That brings me to Bill’s plan to synthesize the fairy blood. It was looking good as Andy’s daughters suddenly became party girls, and ventured out of the house. 4 hot daughters with the sheriff as their father is never a good combination. I was surprised they decided to go with Jessica, but that’s what happens when you grow up so fast. I was also surprised Jessica was able to hold back as long as she did. Bill’s plan was going so well until that point. I blame Bill for that. He should have known Jessica would give in eventually.
  Going back to Andy, he wins for my favorite line of the week. Actually, lets make it lines this week. I’m going to be lazy and just say that my favorite lines were any time Andy gave the description of his daughters. The wide range of the descriptions was hilarious. I also loved when he said that they haven’t slept since they were 3. I told you I would feel sorry for him. He might not have wanted the girls to begin with, but he certainly loves them. Hopefully they aren’t dead, and Bill will return them. And I have to say I’m impressed Andy figured out Bill had them.
  Onto Eric’s plan, which wasn’t going well thanks to Tara. I’m not sure what Tara was thinking. As a matter of fact, Pam and Tara’s roles so far this season have been disappointing. They are simply there to give Eric someone to argue with. Don’t get me wrong, some of the arguing has been fun, but it doesn’t due Pam, or Tara justice. At least now that Pam has been taken there won’t be as much arguing.
  Oh yea, I’m supposed to be talking about Eric’s plan. Boy is Willa dumb! She is on the vamps side, but obviously doesn’t know much about them. That couldn’t have been easier for Eric to convince her to be a vamp. And yes Eric that stupidity really didn’t help when you sent her back to daddy. Useless! She’s just going to be sent to that camp now, and daddy is probably more pissed at vamps then ever. Ugh, can we please rid ourselves of Sara, and the Rev. already. How about the Rev. turns her into a vamp, and they both burn!!!
  Going back to Pam getting caught for a second, anyone else find it weird how the Governor’s people just happen to be in the right place at the right time? I mean, Tara just runs away, and bam Pam is taken. Pam didn’t hear, or smell those guards? The same with Nora, Grandpa just happens to blast her right into their lap. I do wonder what Eric is going to do when he finds out that Pam, and Nora now belong to the Governor.
  Come on Sam, how can you be so predictable? A show of hands, how many people knew he would end up sleeping with Nicole? Ok, they didn’t show us what happened next, but still. Luna just died, and Emma is in the next room. How about you worry about where you are going to hide? I don’t see where he can go that the wolves won’t find him. Then again, the pack master isn’t exactly on top of things.
  I’ve talked about Bill, and Eric’s plans, but Sookie hatched her own plan in this episode. It seemed like a good one, but I don’t like how it left off. How could she think she had the upper hand holding a ball of light over him? Can she even blast him like that? Does she just have to touch him with it? We know it won’t end like that. A better plan would have been to bite the bullet, and sleep with him. Then wake up in the middle of the night, and blast him away. Yea I know that never works either. Still, I’m not sure why she picked that moment to let him know she knows who he is. And now that I think about it, I’m curious to see just how they are going to bring Bill and Warlow together. Their storylines at this point are so far apart.
  So it turns out that Bill, Eric, and Sookie’s plans aren’t turning out as well as they thought. Bill has to hope there is still some fairy blood left. Eric is going to be pissed when he finds out that Pam, Nora, and possibly Willa are now the Governor’s prisoners. And Sookie, well we will just have to wait until next week to see her plan go up in flames. No way she blasts Warlow/Ben. And Sam’s plan, I’m not so sure he has one. It’s a good thing Alcide probably doesn’t have one either. My plan is to end this right here, and see you again next week!



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