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Nigel is on his way to meet his partner's daughter, Emily, for the first time and he hopes to make a big impression.

Starring: Chris Butler, Alex Kapila, Mia Hemerling, Peter Terry, and Joe Capella 

Directed and written by: Andrew Rutter

A Fantasia International Film Festival Review

  “Peter the Penguin” is a story that starts off so nice, and ends in a way that will put a smile on any horror fan’s face. Nigel (Chris Butler) and Rachel (Alex Kapila) are in the car having a conversation about him meeting her daughter Emily (Mia Hemerling) for the first time. Because he really likes Rachel he’s very nervous about what Emily will think of him. To break the ice he’s bought her a small toy lion, and is convinced she’ll like it. 
  However, Rachel insists that it’s too small, and doesn't think he should give it to her. As soon as they pull into the driveway things start to turn. Before he can get properly introduced to her, Emily runs out of the house yelling at her mom that something is wrong with Peter. Nigel is the last one in, and finds both of them hovering over a big stuffed penguin concerned for its well-being. Nigel is so confused, but he hasn’t seen anything yet.
  The audience will probably be just as confused as Nigel and probably laughing at first. No spoilers here because what happens soon after is so twisted you just have to see for yourself. There’s obviously something wrong with mom, daughter, and a few others that get involved in what’s happening here. It’s becomes a horrific situation, and they do a great job of making it look real. And while it’s horrifying, they still manage to continue to squeeze in a little humor. The last image of the film will definitely be with the audience hours afterwards. In the end, “Peter the Penguin” gives the audience just what they might expect from a short horror film.



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