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A single mother is attacked by a vengeful couple who believe she’s responsible for their daughter’s murder.

Starring: Lora Burke, Tessa Kozma, and Nick Smyth

Directed by: Craig David Wallace

Written by: Ian Malone, and Craig David Wallace

  A “Motherly” bond is something that’s hard to break. Kate (Lora Burke) has that bond with her young daughter Beth (Tessa Kozma). It’s Beth’s birthday, and Kate is doing what any mother would do…celebrate! There’s no big party, as it’s just the two of them, but Kate is trying to make the most of it. Beth goes along with her mom’s plans as long as possible, but would rather be doing almost anything else.

  Beth finally gets time to play outside on her own. The time apart leaves Kate to day dream showing a flashback of a nightmare of a day that changed their lives forever. Coming back to reality she freaks out thinking her daughter is gone, but it’s just Beth playing a joke. Kate seems a little unstable in her behavior, and constant flashbacks to that particular day. Is she just a protective mother, or is something else going on here?

  Not being sure what to expect from this film, it’s surprising to see how many twists and turns it has. It obviously starts with Kate, and her strange behavior. The opening is going to make the audience think this might be a film about mental issues. Yes, she has issues, but most come from that tragic day that she keeps having flashbacks about. The flashbacks hold the ultimate key to any mystery here, but create a lot of questions along the way.

  While the audience ponders Kate’s issues they soon enough get thrown into a home invasion film. Two people have come to the house for a specific reason. It’s not money, treasure, or even Beth that they’re after. They’re after the truth, and only Kate can give it to them. It also sets up an interesting battle between two mothers whose motherly instincts will be put to the test. While the biggest twist might eventually become apparent, it still manages to create a dark and crazy ending.

  “Motherly” introduces a mother who has a special bond with her daughter. A bond that will tested many times over, but she’ll always put her daughter first. Kate is going to struggle mentally before having to deal with her past, and the intruders. The film will start off with a slow pace, but pick it up as it goes. There will be plenty of twists to keep up with before a wild ending. The entire cast puts on a great performance to keep the audience entertained, and the secrets hidden. With that, I give it 3.5 pools of blood.


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