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Monday, July 13, 2020


A lonely man does battle with a relentless piece of music.

Starring: Ernest Thomas

Directed and written by: Tara Price

   If you listen to music most likely its happened to you. You turn it off, but there’s that one song that continues to play over and over in your head. Maybe you want it to go away, or you’re plenty happy to keep jamming to the song. “Earworm” proves just how hard it can be to get that song out of your head.
  The gentleman here is just trying to get some sleep, but is suddenly awakened by music. Is it an alarm clock? Nope, it’s the blaring of a song in his head. Instead of enjoying it, he seems to be in excruciating pain. Time after time he just tries to relax, but can’t do it. The music continues to haunt him until he goes to extreme measures to make it stop.
  “Earworm” is another short that takes an common situation, and puts a nice touch of horror into it. Ernest Thomas does a great job of showing just how much pain his character is in, and how desperate he is to get the sound to stop. The film is perfectly shot at just the right length to get the point across. The song that’s stuck in his head is actually pretty good, and so is this film. That ending scene just might get stuck in your head like the song. 

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