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Wednesday, July 1, 2020


In this fresh spin on a demonic possession story, Joong-Su, an exorcist, must face a demon he tragically failed to defeat in the past when it targets his brother’s family next. The demon assumes the form of different family members to sow confusion and distrust, destroying the unit from within. With his loved ones in peril, Joong-Su must face the demon again, at the risk of his own life.

Starring: Bae Sung-Woo, Sung Dong-Il and Jang Young-Nam.

Directed by Hong-Seon Kim

  “Metamorphosis” is an interesting title for an exorcism movie, but also a fitting one for this story. Metamorphosis is all about change or transformation, and that’s one of the things that makes an exorcism movie scary. When the demon takes over it changes the person on the inside and outside. It’s the evil that the demon conjures up that horror fans comes to see. 
  They don’t have to wait long as this movie opens right in the middle of an exorcism. Joong-Su (Bae Sung-Woo) is tasked with trying to save a young girl who is possessed, but he fails. Just before the demon, which looks pretty damn evil here, takes the life of the girl it lets him know that it will be back for his family. This moment changes Joong-Su from here on out, and is about to transform his family as well.
  The opening is definitely intense, but it will soon be time for the creepiness to set in. Mother, father, daughters Sun-Woo (Hye-Jun Kim) and Hyun-Joo (Yi-Hyun Cho) and young son Woo-Jong (Kang-Hoon Kim) move into a new home. They can’t get settled in because of a strange neighbor. The father goes to confront him, but doesn’t say much after finding crosses and dead animals all over the place. Something really wrong is happening over there, and it soon follows this family home.
  Staying with the theme of change and transformation, this exorcism story keeps the demon moving. Each member of the family is the possessed at some time with varying degrees of what they do to others in the home. Sometimes they just act odd, and other times they go on the attack. In one scene both parents take their turns attacking the kids. They execute it very smoothly taking turns, and confusing the kids as to who is really attacking them.
  As this gets worse, Joong-Su is forced to get over his self-doubt, and help his family. Can he change from wanting to leave the church to having enough faith to rid them of the demon? The demon doesn’t make it easy, as it wants nothing more than to destroy this family. The action certainly picks up in the final act with some twist and turns, and a back and forth battle of wills. It all ends with a final metamorphosis of the demon and priest.
  “Metamorphosis” is true to its name, and has a lot to do with change and transformation. Joong-Su is changed with his first run in with the demon, and changed once again by the end of his second fight with it. The demon transforms into members of his family attempting to divide and conquer. It certainly steals the show in the opening and ending acts with plenty of creepiness squeezed in-between. There’s no changing my rating, as I give this movie 3 pools of blood.


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