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Tuesday, July 20, 2021



When a vampire’s child dies of old age after refusing to be turned, it drives his mother to extreme lengths to fill the void needed.

Starring: Rachel Donahue, Chloe Carroll, Wesley Holloway, and Bob Heath

Directed by: Wesley Mellott

  Elysia (Rachel Donahue) seems to be in a good relationship with her vampire partner Molly (Chloe Carroll). That is until Molly’s human son comes to the end of his natural life. He didn’t want to take advantage of a vampire’s bite and live forever, so he passes away quietly. To her credit Molly respected his wish, but apparently never realized the pain that would cause her after he’s gone.

  Molly hints to Elysia that she wants to have another child, but isn’t sure what she means by that. It doesn’t take long for her to figure it out, as she comes home to Molly with a little boy. The boy just wants to go home while Molly insists that he’s there to stay. Elysia tries to reason with Molly, but it might come a little too late!

  This short horror film covers some of the basics of vampires, while making the audience feel for the situation at hand. Vampires get bloody, and there’s a couple of blood dripping moments to enjoy. There’s also the romantic side of vamps, and Elysia and Molly will sneak in some time together as well. However, the real difference and excitement for this film is the situation Elysia finds herself in, and her reaction to what Molly does. It also helps that Rachel and Chloe work so well together to make this film a success. Don’t miss “Elysia” on the Fear Crypt Channel!


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