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Sunday, August 9, 2020


A dark frenetic comedy about an obsessively over-caring woman who offers her significant other a blast from the past birthday gift that he will never, ever forget.

Starring: Edward Hong, Josephine Chang, and Roman Moretti

Directed by: Dinh Thai

Written by: Ivan Tsang and Dinh Thai

  Sometimes birthday presents are easy to find, but then there are those times when you just want to find something extra special. Maybe something like expensive jewelry, a car, an iPhone, or another popular piece of technology. In "Make a Wish," it’s Freddie’s (Edward Hong) birthday and his fiancée Lexie (Josephine Chang) wants to surprise him. He comes home, and the first surprise is a birthday cake. Not a huge deal, as the real present is waiting in the next room.
   She reveals to Freddie that someone else has come to his party, Brock (Roman Moretti), who apparently used to bully Freddie. So why is a bully at his party? Well Lexie has brought him there so that Freddie can get revenge on him. That’s right, Brock is all tied up, and she wants Freddie to have a little fun with his present. Of course he’s in shock because this isn’t the present he wanted, nor does he want any part of what’s happening. The fun is just beginning as Lexie is pissed that he doesn't like his present, and Freddie isn’t sure what to do next.
  “Make a Wish” does a great job of bringing horror into what’s supposed to be a happy occasion. They pull it off with three terrific performances, but Josephine really stands out. She’s hilarious when she goes upstairs yelling, and nothing beats her look when she comes back down. Edward handles his character’s indecision well, and being the innocent party. Roman's character mixes in well because he doesn’t react the way the audience might expect him to, and is a little slow to what’s happening. The final scene really puts a fantastic punctuation on the horror of the film. You're going to wish you're one of the lucky ones to catch this at a film festival!


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