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Monday, August 17, 2020


Set on the canals amid the glorious British countryside, two sisters and their boyfriends head off for a relaxing weekend away on a barge, unaware of the flesh-eating fish mutants lurking in the water, ready and waiting to feed.

Starring: Kate Davies-Speak, Mark McKirdy, and Makenne Guyler

Directed by: Charlie Steeds

Written by: Christopher Lombard

  So it appears some people might vacation a little differently in the British countryside. Taking barges for a spin is apparently a thing. Well so is going on a boat ride, or cruising around in an RV. It really doesn’t matter what the mode of transportation is as long as the ending is the same. For this review, lets get on the barge, and see where “The Barge People” take us.
  Sisters Kat (Kate Davies-Speak) and Jade (Makenna Guyler) have lost their mother, and are taking an opportunity to get away from things with their boyfriends. They rent a barge, and begin their adventure down stream. Kat’s boyfriend is all in on the trip and drives it, while Jade’s boyfriend is more interested in talking business on the phone the entire time. Things are going as good as they can until they bump another barge, and piss off a couple. They avoid a fight for the moment, but things get heated when they run into each other at a bar. The couple follows them back to the barge, and take the group by surprise. Too bad the surprise will be on all of them soon enough. 
  So while the sisters and their boyfriends aren’t all that exciting people, the true excitement is the barge people. These mutant sea people live in and around this body of water, and come out to hunt the people traveling on it. And that would be hunt for food, which means a lot of cannibal fun. They go right after their victims biting, and trying to eat them right there. In probably the craziest scene, the barge people attack the barge and everyone in it. It’s a huge fight scene with people getting munched on, and barge people getting repeatedly stabbed. 
  The fight for survival continues as one of the friends is being held to torture, and maybe as leftovers meaning anyone left will come back looking for them. This sets up more fighting, and eating. The fight scenes are done really well, and are definitely brutal. They take complete advantage of the dark setting, mix in the right lighting, and capture the perfect angles while these battles happen. It creates a creepy atmosphere that perfectly matches the vibe these mutants give off. 
  “The Barge People” uses a formula similar to that of “Wrong Turn,” or “The Hills Have Eyes.” Introduce a bunch of people who believe they’re going to have a great time on vacation, but then have something go wrong. When they think it can’t get any worse have the mutants rain on their parade, or in this case sink their barge. The barge people prove to be just as vicious as the cannibals/mutants in those other movies. They’re all in on eating fresh flesh, and torturing their victims. The fight scenes are savage, and look even better in the atmosphere that’s created. There are a few twists, some expected and others maybe not, but the audience will learn all they need about these people. This is certainly my type of horror so I’m all aboard the barge, and give it 3 pools of blood.


Available on VOD, Digital HD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Aug 18th
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