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A teen’s life is turned upside down when he helps a world-famous pop star on the run to escape her violent pursuers.

Starring: Scout Taylor-Compton, Rahart Adams, and Cameron Johnson

Directed by: Mitchell Altieri, and Lee Cummings

Written by: Mitchell Altieri, Jamal M. Jennings, and Adam Weis

  Whether it’s a movie, or music star most of us have had a crush on a few of them. We’ve seen all their movies, or listened to their songs all day long. Most of us will never meet that person, but what if you did. What if the universe actually gave you that opportunity? Would it be everything you thought it would be? 
  Well a young teen named Dylan (Cameron Johnson) is about to find out. He’s a big fan of a music star named Bebe (Scout Taylor-Compton), who he has listened to all her songs and watched her videos. While she fills his dreams he’s stuck in the reality of an average teen boy. He’s not exactly getting along with his mom’s new boyfriend, and is still finding his place among his friends. He leaves a party early to have some time alone only to have the woman of his dreams literally crash into him. 
  Bebe crashes her car, and then crashes into Dylan while trying to run away from the scene. She gets knocked out so Dylan takes her back to his friend's house, and they decide what to do next. Unknown to them is that Anton (Bret Roberts) is on the lookout for her, and has already killed several people during his search. Things have already gotten a little weird at the house, but when Anton shows up things begin to go bad.
  What’s interesting here is that while this story is supposed to be about Dylan and Bebe somehow Anton steals the show. Early on he just plays along with people before eventually doing away with them. Then he just gets creepy with the teens showing up in windows, and whispering in their ears. He does a lot without having to do too much. On top of that he has something in the trunk of his car that will leave the audience dying to see. 
  Instead of going in the house after the teens, Anton gets in their heads. That doesn’t mean damage won’t be done because the first death inside the house is a lot more brutal than expected. Actually there’s a decent amount blood spilled once the teens start turning on each other in their attempts to leave. Of course everything comes back to Bebe and what’s going on with her. Without giving too much away, lets just say singing isn’t her only talent. She has a few more tricks up her sleeve because of where she comes from. 
  Dylan probably never thought he would meet Bebe, and things certainly didn’t go the way he expected once he did. He lost some friends, but established a unique bond with Bebe in their short time together. Yes, this is a good, but strange story. A lot is revealed in the final act, but it feels like they needed to go a little further. They do go far enough with the deaths in the house making it nice and bloody. Again, the star is supposed to be Bebe, but Anton really takes over the movie. With that, I give “Star Light” 2.5 pools of blood.



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