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Tuesday, March 30, 2021




Joe doesn’t have many friends, but he’s happy to hang out with the model toys of his favorite scary movie monsters… and he’ll learn just how supportive his toy friends can be.

Written by: John Esposito

Directed by: Greg Nicotero

Cast: Brock Duncan, Tyner Rushing, Jana Allen, Kevin Dillon, Chris Schmidt Jr., Nick Morgan

  Joe has a room that any horror fan would love to have at his age, or even as a grown up. He’s a huge fan of movie monsters, and has a great collection of figures, masks, posters, and more. While his focus is on his monsters, the monster known as cancer has been taking its toll on his mom. To make matters worse, Joe’s uncle and aunt are about to move in. Lets just say Joe doesn’t have the best relationship with them, and it’s not going to get better anytime soon.

  This episode opens like a scene from a classic monster movie with an interesting twist to it. Joe loves horror and that will make it extremely easy for fans to relate to him. He’s had a tough go at it both at home and in school continuing to make him a young man to root for. First he uses some imagination to give fans a treat before coming to a predictable ending. Predictable with the story, but the way it happens is monstrous fun!


A Public TV station and its happy daytime TV hosts are overwhelmed when the appraisal of an antique book accidentally summons a dark force.

Written by: Rob Schrab

Directed by: Greg Nicotero

Cast: Mark Ashworth, Marissa Hampton, Coley Company, Ted Raimi, Todd Allen Durkin, Peter Leake

  Audiences might not think there’s a lot of competition at a public TV station, but apparently there’s some at this station. With a new manager in charge, the host of the most popular show wants a new time slot. This means the end of an extremely boring painting show hosted by a very nice guy. As one host celebrates and one shoots a final episode, another show is about to wake the dead once again.

  As this episode introduces the hosts of these shows, the audience will wonder what's in store for them. There’s two very different shows and hosts. However, that’s not really going to matter once the dead take over. With no spoilers here, lets just say this story revives a fan favorite. Yes, there's a much different hero here, but it will still put a smile on fans’ faces!

  Overall, episode one does a great job of taking horror fans back to great places. First up is a trip back to the classic monster movies. It will present them with memories of being a young horror fan, and capitalize on a young fans imagination. Again, no spoilers here but as soon as the audience sees a familiar face in the second story they might know what’s coming. It continues to show that ever since the original movie dropped fans can never have enough of it. It isn’t exactly the same, but there's still plenty to like.


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