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Wednesday, August 14, 2019


  10 years ago HorrO’s Gory Reviews was born! To think all I wanted to do originally was write horror, but just couldn’t settle on one idea. Instead I decided to review horror so I could share my thoughts, and have a little fun. Unknown to me, this little blog would soon open up so many doors for me. 
  First I was introduced to all kinds of horror that I didn’t know was out there. Authors were coming to me with their books, filmmakers with their short films, and all kinds of other stuff. Before the blog, I don’t think I ever watched a horror short film on YouTube, or a screener! I found out there are horror conventions and festivals, and had to go. And yes, apparently I lived in a box that hid me from horror!
  Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would get a chance to meet horror icons like Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, Gunnar Hansen, Doug Bradley, and many more. For me, getting autographs and pics was cool, but having the experiences with them meant so much more. I’ll never forget giving those guys t-shirts I made for the blog, and watching their reactions. Seeing some of them wear the shirts is still unbelievable! 
  Besides meeting the icons, I’ve meet so many great people in the horror community either through the blog, or its social media. I’ve become friends with people in the city I live in, from other places in the state, and all over the country. Even more amazing is making friends from different places in the world. We are all connected through being a part of the wonderful horror community.
  Probably the biggest door the blog opened was the one that created Without the blog, I would never have known people needed another place to promote horror. One of my better ideas was born, and 8 years later is still accomplishing its goal of bringing horror creators and fans together everyday. It’s a ton of work, but it’s work I love doing.  
  Just like the blog, it’s allowed me to meet great people, and help support so many fantastic projects. It’s come such a far way, and still has plenty of room to grow. In recent news, the site has gone from sponsoring one film festival to now four this year. Never would I have dreamed to be sponsoring anything, but hopefully we can land a convention sponsorship soon! And now has an official podcast (Where the Scary Things Are), and I got a special guest hosting spot on the show. It's crazy listening to myself talk horror. I couldn’t ask for a better group of horror fans to partner with on this podcast, and big things will be coming soon.
  I could go on and on, but I just want to end this by saying thank you. Thank you for allowing me to come out of the box, and join the horror community. You guys and gals are the best! No matter what kind of involvement you’ve had with the blog, the site, and/or social media I truly appreciate it. Without you, this never would have happened. And a final thank you to Mrs. HorrO for the support, and continuing to be with me on this journey. 


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