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Part psychological thriller, part horror comedy, Stranger Things writer Kate Trefry’s totally clever film features It Follows star Maika Monroe as a woman whose deepest fears seem to manifest physically when her husband (Joe Keery) leaves for the night shift.

Starring: Maika Monroe, Joe Keery, and Evan Miller

Directed and written by: Kate Trefry

  Jack (Joe Keery) is about to head out for his night shift, but is concerned about leaving his wife, Lucy (Maika Monroe), home alone. He reminds her stay inside and lock up, and she assures him she’ll be fine. However, after he leaves she doesn’t feel as confident about that. She goes over rules on how to be alone, and sets them in motion. The rules are good, but it doesn’t keep her fears from creeping in the door.
   This is another example of a film focusing on a character fighting their biggest fears. The audience is taken inside of Lucy’s head hearing her talk through her struggles. She continues to have visions of weird stuff happening like a strange guy coming out of a cabinet, and a baby sitting in blood. Her struggles are also real life related, as she wonders why her husband is still with her, and why she doesn’t have a real job.
  “How to Be Home Alone” is an interesting way of showing how someone should overcome their fears. It’s dark and creepy, but also sprinkles in some light humor here and there. It keeps the pace moving, as it goes back and forth between her nightmares and reality. Most of all, it’s a film about fear that’s not afraid to take a few risks itself.


*Shown at the 5th Annual Popcorn Frights Film Festival


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