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Monday, August 12, 2019


A Fox-dressed man breaks the spacetime limits with only one goal: to spend some time with his wife. But below this recreational act there’s a far more complex and ambitious plan.

Starring: Enric Auquer, Karina Kolokolchykova, and Sonia Masuda Mora

Directed and written by: Marc Martinez Jordan

  This story is told from the viewpoint of a man dressed with a fox mask on, and the name tag “Zorro.” So Zorro (Enric Auquer) tells a wild tale of how he got in contact with a secret organization in order to go back in time. He has his doubts but follows their rules, and actually ends up going back in time. He finds his wife, and of course decides to change the rules of this game, but this tale only gets wilder from here!
  Sometimes you have to wonder where people get their ideas for these films. This film seems so absurd starting with the characters wearing fox masks. The absurdity builds with how the story is being told piece by piece by Zorro. The things he decides to point out, the strange things his wife does, and especially the story of how his wife eventually dies. 
  However, once you get past how ludicrous “Your Last Day on Earth” is there is also a crazy brilliance to it all. Everything in this film is not what it seems, and that is shown when the twist is unveiled. Someone else takes over the story revealing another line of events. It leaves a fitting ending, and proves there’s actually an important reason for the masks. So sit back and enjoy a tale only a person in a fox mask could tell!


*Shown at the 5th Annual Popcorn Frights Film Festival

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