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On a dark, eerie night, a young woman makes a wrong turn through a long stretch of deserted woods. But as the night goes on, she’ll soon learn you’re never truly alone on Terror Road.

Starring: Surely Alvelo, and Brayden Benson

Directed and written by: Brian Shephard

  Anna (Surely Alvelo) is making her way home, but unfortunately for her she’s driving down Terror Road. She makes a call home letting them know she’s running late, and when she hangs up terror makes itself known. She pulls over to check it out, finds nothing, and just when she’s about to leave something lands on the car. Everything seems to be alright when a boy (Brayden Benson) appears at her window, but looks can be deceiving. 
  Again horror fans are given a short horror film set with someone driving down a dark road. The setting is dark and spooky. This one even starts with a shot of the road sign saying “Terror Road.” Surely does her best to portray a character that has no idea that she has made a huge mistake, and is also pretty good when it’s time to be really afraid. 
  So does “Terror Road” present anything different for horror fans? Probably the best thing about it is the boy (Brayden Benson) who scares Anna. At first he’s just a normal looking boy, but then changes to his creepy creature form. They do a terrific job with his look, and make the most it to scare Anna and the audience. Also, they do a nice job with how they reveal exactly what the boy has become.


*Shown at the 5th Annual Popcorn Frights Film Festival


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