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Sunday, August 11, 2019


A desperate video store owner hires a crew to shoot a commercial in his shop. But when they accidentally destroy a cursed VHS, suddenly, all their lives are in danger.

Starring: Joshua Lenner, Kevin Martin, and Jesse Nash

Directed by: Cody Kennedy and Tim Rutherford

Written by: Tim Rutherford

  A video store owner (Kevin Martin) has enlisted the help of a small film crew to help him make a commercial for his video store. It’s seems to be going fine until the sound guy (Tim Rutherford) starts knocking over stuff. He ends up stepping on, and breaking a VHS tape that the owner describes as one of the cultest cult films of all-time! With no hope of fixing it, the owner discards it just in time for the lights to go out, and a ghost to appear.
  The film opens with the owner giving his best pitch to get people to come to his store in what feels like a bad commercial you used to see after midnight. If that isn’t bad enough, his description of the cult leader behind the broken video is so ridiculous it’s funny. The ghost that haunts them seems to be just as ridiculous looking, but it's hard to tell because the audience barely gets the chance to see it. They don’t show it for long periods of time because only the camera allows them to see it. 
  At first glance, “The Video Store Commercial” seems like a bad short horror film, but it turns out to be one of those comedy horror films that does a nice job of not taking itself too serious. It starts with a bad 80’s commercial, cuts to a silly cult video, and eventually displays a creative, but not so scary ghost. However, just when the audience might want to give up on the film, there’s a hilarious twist that makes it all worth it. So don’t take a commercial break on this film, and stay until the end!


*Shown at the 5th Annual Popcorn Frights Film Festival

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