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Monday, August 12, 2019


A young girl lures a mysterious figure across the frozen wasteland for reasons unexplained.

Starring: Louisa Darr, Lyra Hernandez, and Sander Huynh-Wiess

Written by: Andrew Hunt, and Troy Antoine LaFaye

Directed by: Andrew Hunt

  With an oxygen mask covering her face, Maxine (Louisa Darr) is on a journey to find a spot on her map. She’s not alone on this trip, as she seems to have a zombie (Lyra Hernandez) tagging along with her. She tries feeding it, and blows a whistle so the zombie doesn’t get lost. It seems like a weird thing to do, but the zombie actually saves her from another zombie. She has a moment where she considers quitting, but she has the proper motivation to power on.
  Obviously there isn’t a lot of conversation here, but there’s something about this film that keeps your attention. There’s a great scary but funny scene with her by the fire trying to feed the zombie. When things seem to settle down, she bumps into another zombie and is almost eaten if not for her zombie. Apparently zombies in this world fight, and it would have been nice to see this battle. It gets to a point where the audience will really see her struggle, but should root for her to continue on.
  While all of those things work for “Frost Bite,” the key behind it is the mystery to why she has this zombie follow her. The audience may or may not feel for her in her struggles, but will definitely need to know what’s the deal with the zombie. I don’t know if it’s a new direction, or just a random occurrence, but recently I’ve run across  several short zombie films that have gone in a different direction. Instead of focusing on the killing and making it bloody, there’s something more personal about it. Trying not to give this ending away, it’s definitely worth the wait to see how it ends.


*Shown at the 5th Annual Popcorn Frights Film Festival

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