Ohhh the Horror!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


A bullied boy has a dark secret of what happens when he is hurt by others. The lights go out and the monster appears. 

Starring: Nojus Vainonis, Mija di Marco, and Ainius Marazas 

Written by: Jonas Trukanas, and Edvardas Mikalauskas

Directed by: Jonas Trukanas

  Mantas (Nojus Vainonis) has just switched schools, and like many kids quickly discovers it’s tough being the new kid. Before going to class he’s knocked over by some boys. Mantas does enjoy a little luck, as he sits next to a girl, Inga (Mija di Marco), who is very nice to him. The boys get a little jealous of this, and decide to invite Mantas to help them hang lights in the gym for the school dance. With extra convincing by Inga, the group meets in the gym where nothing good is about to happen.
  Here’s another example of a horror film showing the effects of bullying, and turning around the story on the bullies. Once he gets to the gym, Mantas has little chance but to suffer at the hands of the bullies. Fortunately for him, Mantas has a secret creature that comes out to protect him. It’s an interesting creature that hides in the dark to do its worst, but also to hide the special effects. 
  “When the Lights Go Out” the punishment begins. Mantas may get hurt, but at least he lives to see another day. They do a nice job of showing how the creature picks who to go after, especially with Inga. They also pose a good question of whether the bullies get what they deserve, or does the creature and to a certain point Mantas go too far? Either way it becomes an tragedy that this school won’t forget.


*Shown at the 5th Annual Popcorn Frights Film Festival

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