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Monday, May 31, 2021



While traveling on their first American tour, Ms.  45, an all-girl punk band, is drugged and kidnapped. They awaken to find their limbs removed and replaced with crude weaponry, and are forced to fight as Gladiators for a sadistic town.

Starring: Julian Richings, Michelle Argyris, and Emily Alatalo

Directed by: Andrew Thomas Hunt

Written by: David Murdoch and Svet Rouskov

  No “Spare Parts” were used to make this movie…or maybe just a few! An all-girl rock band is putting on a hell of a concert, and the audience is enjoying it a little too much. When a guy tries to interrupt the show and touch one of the girls a bar brawl breaks out. The girls prove that they can rock, and roll with the punches. After the show they meet a few of their fans while selling merchandise, including Sam (Jason Rouse) who might be an instant super fan.

  Emma (Emily Alatalo), and her sister Amy (Michelle Argyris) hit the road with girlfriends Cassy (Kiriana Stanton) and Jill (Chelsea Muirhead. They don’t get to far from their gig when they get a flat. Super fan Sam happens to pass by in time to offer some help, and get their car towed to a junk yard. They’re supposed to be waiting for spare parts for their car, but instead they end up knocked out only to wake up with spare parts of their own.

  The opening bar fight is fun, but that’s nothing compared to what’s to come. The woman end up getting captured by a strange society where they enjoy fighting, and watching blood fill the ground. It’s not normal hand-to-hand combat because each of the woman has had an arm cut off, and replaced with a weapon. After surviving a first round of fights, they go through some training to survive the future rounds. The battles continue to get bloodier and bloodier as each round goes by.

  In between those rounds, some drama is built up. The sisters have some issues between them, and it doesn’t help that Sam plays favors with one of them. He makes sure that when they change weapons that his girl gets the best one. The girlfriends have their own issues because one of them is pregnant. They must all overcome their problems with each other in order to fight together to win. Unfortunately not all of them will make them out alive, but there will be a couple of twists and turns along the way.

  It continues to be a joy watching women kick ass in horror movies, and “Spare Parts” turns out to be a lot about women kicking ass. The fight scenes are exciting, and it’s always good when more and more blood is spilled. It’s a nice change up having their arms replaced with weapons, and even better that they can use different ones. All the actresses do a great job with the fight scenes, but also with the drama amongst the group. The society seems a little oddly placed in the middle of nowhere instead of under say apocalyptic circumstances, but at least they have an awesome junkyard as their playground. With that, I give it 3.5 pools of blood. 


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